0.0kB Ingress since 1st of Feb?

I have been running a node since Nov 2019 which is now filled with 9TB (400MB till free).
Since Feb 1st not a single byte comes via Ingress. But the node is always online and makes an average of 40GB/Egress per day.
Can this be due to the age of the node? It is now exactly 15 months old.

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Hi @faxxe71, my initial thought is because your node is almost full - 400 MB free. How large is the actual physical drive? Is the drive/volume 100% full?

There should be something in the logs showing available space (or errors) when ingress tries to occur.


I agree to @Stob . 400 MB remaining means your node is full, therefore no ingress can happen anymore unless data gets deleted or you add additional space.


both previous posts are correct. See similar image for one of my nodes that just reached the “full” threshold limit last night:

I believe that that was one of the implemented safe guards in the program, that once there is only 500MB space remaining in allocated space, the node will stop receiving ingress until additional space is freed up or additional space is allocated.

Side note, my example above is one that falls into that second scenario, since I only allocated 500GB to the note, but it’s actually running on a 4TiB HDD. So at some point I’ll increase that limit, when my other nodes start to fill up as well.

So looks like you have a choice to make, assuming this is your only node and assuming your allocated 9TB is on a 10TiB HDD, either determine whether it’s worth it for you to migrate the node to a larger HDD, or if you have another HDD but don’t want to or can’t migrate, think about starting another node.

Thank you, i think you are all right.
This node is since 3 month already “full” but before 1st of Feb. few bytes still came in.
This has changed beginning of Feb. MAybe its a feature of the last version.

Anyway… a 2nd node is already online :slight_smile:
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Data gets deleted time to time, which frees up space, so you should still see some ingress occasionally. But once a node is full, it’s normal to see many days in a row with 0 ingress.

And yes, nodes report to satellites they’re running out of available space when they drop below 500MB, which makes the ingress stream stop a few minutes later (which explains why it doesn’t stop exactly at 500MB, but usually somewhere between 400MB and 500MB).

Will vetting “Audits” on the satellite continues anyway or it is paused then until space becomes free?

Vetting depends on real data that is stored on the node. It will go on for all satellites that you are holding data for. But if e.g. a new satellite shows up and it cannot store data on your node as it is full, then no vetting can take place for this satellite.