12 Months of Storj, a Newbies findings

on the topic of the earnings estimator or similar.

have you noticed how when looking at $ earned pr TB stored then older nodes earn significantly less than newer nodes, as the older nodes tend to get much less egress… and actually not by a small amount either…
was comparing new nodes (9 months) vs 23 month+ aged nodes.
and the difference in earnings pr TB seems to be VAST, new nodes earn more than 4$ per TB stored, while older nodes earn like 2-3$ ofc can’t really give very accurate numbers because i only compared against a couple of older nodes and a good deal of newer ones…

But there certainly seems to be a trend, also made me think of how you been down adjusting the earnings estimator, or how some people with old nodes claimed less or even near non existing earnings…

might warrant further investigation.
not sure how much i will dig into it myself, but i will certain try to compared new vs old node earnings pr TB stored in a much more detailed manner.
there seems to be a fairly large deviation.

11 month old node. 1.7TB stored.

If a drive lasts 5 years, and you paid $300 for it, you are burning of $0.16 of value of the drive every day,
If the drive lasts ten years then $0.08 a day. At $8.27 every 11 months you are making $0.02 a day. Thus losing $0.06-$0.14 a day? Not counting electricity and the value of your time setting it up?


It’s ok. I run 4 Exos x16 16 TB in SHR1. So actually it’s a factor of 4. Each drive has 2Million hours MTBF. But it’s also a NAS that is on 24/7 anyways.

I see, so you have an awesome NAS with lots of storage and a portion of it is tied up for $8 a year.

I think he did get 8$ for the month on december so that would be just under a hundred bucks per year.
But anyways that’s kind of Storjs purpose, utilize unused disk space and 100$ (probably less with held amount and fees) a year for something you’re not using sounds pretty good to me :wink:
Then you can just gracefully exit your node when you need the storage space (or upgrade the drives with that earned ca$h).


I stand corrected, thanks for the clarification

I have a hard to to ever use 48TB, but it was the best bang for the buck. I use my Synology to other things, homeassistant and etc. So throwing in Storj was a nobrainer. But price of electricity is crazy now and I actually planned to exit Storj, but that server pulls about 1kWh / day it cost around 30kWh / month. I decided to leave it on for now.

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They do now :wink:

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This is a very detailed summary about a 1 year old node, however your stored data seems low to me.
I started my first node at the end of Oct '20, yo like one month earlier than you. It has 3.14TB data stored. Next to this node, I started an other one Mar '21 on the same public IP, so since that ingress is shared over the nodes. This second node has 0.89TB data stored. Adding these together gives me a bit over 4TB of stored data.
It seems to me now, that about half of the ingress ends up in the trash these days, but still the monthly stored data is incresed by 200GB, combined for the two nodes.