2 issues with web dashboard

With the new update v1.0.1 there is remaining issue from previous version an a new one:

  1. Issue is with Edge browser the dashboard does not display correctly anmore. The width is not correct and scrolling does not work (there are no scrollbars)

  2. More sever, the dashboard does not show any live information. There is no node id displayed and node status is shown as offline. Also no data being shown.

The node however seems to be running fine. I see from the logs that data pieces get up- and downloaded successfully.

Did you try Ctrl-F5ing?

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Wow, that was easy. Even restarting Edge did not do the trick. Your suggestion worked. :relieved:

This is neccessary after nearly every update, so keep it in mind for the next time :wink:

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CTRL+F5 clears the cache, restarting the browser does not. :slight_smile:

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