2 nodes suddenly offline after v1.17.4


I have 2 nodes in 2 separate locations. After auto update to v1.17.4 approx 24 hrs later the node suddenly became offline.

When it happens to the 1st node I thought there was just power outage so I just restart the node, but then 2 days later my 2nd node updates to v1.17.4 then a few hours later node went offline.

Any reason/know bugs why v1.17.4 do that to nodes?


It’s always important to include the log-file.

Which operating system do you use for your storage node


I have also had nodes that randomly are offline after updating. I stop and rm the docker image, then start them again and it fixes the problem.

I’m not seeing anything of interest in my logs to explain this behavior.

There is always the reason. If service is running, but offline - it’s more like a network issue.
If it’s Windows or MacOS - perhaps you need to restart a docker from the docker desktop application.
In other cases it’s worth to check the local IP - is it changed by your router after reboot? If so - did you update the port forwarding rule? To fix the behavior you need to configure your PC with storagenode use a static local IP, you can configure that either on your router (usually DHCP section) or on PC directly (how - depends on OS).
The next point - to check the WAN IP on your router and compare it with IP from https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/, they should match otherwise port forwarding will stop to work. Also you need to update the external address in the storagenode, in case of docker it’s a -e ADDRESS option, in case of binary (i.e. Windows GUI) - the contact.external-address in the "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml" (or where is it placed) config file.
If your public IP changes from time to time - it’s worth to configure the DDNS hostname instead of public IP in your configs.

If the service is not running - then there is a FATAL error in your log.
So, please check that.

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