2 nodes with similar files behind 1 public IP


Recently “site A” for my 10TB NODE have undergone an electrical maintenance. since it will possibly take another 2-3 days, I decided to move my 10TB NODE to “site B” which my 4TB NODE is currently in.

Since this 2 nodes are on different Public IP prior to the move, they could possibly have similar files no?, 10tb NODE have 2.54TB used and 4tb NODE have 2.29TB. They are born almost 1 week apart.

will there be any conflict with my current setup?
if both my nodes have the same files will the satellite delete one of them because they are now behind 1 public IP?

this is just a temporary setup until the maintenance is complete on SITE A. so I don’t want any of those node to shrink just because they possibly have similar files.

If your OS is Linux or similar, you have only 2 steps to do:

  1. Your moved node needs another port for listening in your docker run command.
  2. A second port forwarding rule to this port on your router.

(If there is a firewall on your host, you may have to open the port here also)

If you’re worried about storing stripes of the same chunks in a single place, you shouldn’t be. While there likely are chunks that happen to be stored on both of your nodes, it should be a negligible. By some napkin calculations it should be around 1% with the current stripe parameters.

To answer this part of the question, no there is no conflict even if both nodes store some of the same erasure encoded pieces. The satellites only consider that nodes are on the same subnet for uploads to your node, not downloads from your node. No data will be deleted because they are now behind the same public IP. The only effect this has on your nodes is ingress traffic is effectively shared between the two.


Your nodes also will never store the same piece. Each piece is unique. They could store a piece for the same segment, though. That would hurt distribution on the network a tiny bit, but not to any extend that could cause a problem. And because of that, there are no measures to remove those. While the nodes are on the same IP though, they will never receive pieces for the same segment.