2 TB in trash folder. What to do?

I have a 8 TB HDD which is seen by Win 10 as 7.26 TB. With a 10% provision I assigned 6.5 TB to Storj.
At this moment I have 5.1 TB filled and Storj states I have 1.4 TB availabe. However, in the trash folder there are 2.3 TB which means the HDD has only about 1.17 TB empty space.
Should I be concerned about this conflict between what Storj thinks is available on disk and the real space available? Should I do anything about it?

If you take a look into your logs, you will see that storagenode checks the available space for every upload.
So, if available space in your allocation will be low - your node will not accept uploads and notify the satellite that it’s full.
So, you can reduce the allocation for safety, but seems you do not need to, since the trash should be alive only 7 days.