/24 separation of public IPs?

I’m planning on colocating a server in a datacenter for another project, and so I picked up a few used SAS 6TB drives to throw in and run a storj node at the same time.

My colocation plan gives me 5 public IPv4 addresses in a /29 subnet. My question is: would I be able to run 2 or 3 independent nodes on 2 or 3 public IP addresses, or are they too close to each other? I remember reading somewhere that they need to be /24 apart, but not sure what that means practically.


A /29 subnet is smaller than a /24 so you can run multiple nodes but they will share the ingress.

Thanks. Yeah I know it’s smaller, but I am curious about the application of that policy. Is it simply any IPs sharing the first 3 octets are considered the ‘same’ with regards to ingress? It’s kind of a dumb question now that I put it in words, but I couldn’t find anything concrete on the policy except references by other posts.

This is exactly what the policy means, yes. Not a dumb question at all. Hope this helps!

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