+2k new nodes in 48 hours

I noticed in the dashboard that roughly 2000 new nodes have been added to the network in the past 48 hours, which is an unusual increase. I don’t know too much about nodes, but that is good news, right? What do you think the reason is for adding so many new nodes on the 1st day of the new year? Do insiders already know about the upcoming node operator payout whitepaper? Let’s discuss!

Not sure if that is new nodes or ones that went dark earlier and now came back online.

It could also be that someone launched them at the start of the year for taxation purposes.

I know back in the v2 days it was easy for node operators to script run a thousand nodes on a single PC. They did this to qualify for incentives. It wasn’t practical, but I guess it was a short term earnings bump. It is possible a similar script is working here, creating a lot of nodes in succession. Though the advantages are less clear without knowing their IP address situation.


Is a new payout model coming out? That’s cool! Could you send a link to the white paper?

Details are forthcoming, there is nothing known about it at this time, other than things will change.


Looking forward to more details!

Are there any announcements yet on when this change in the economics is happening ? Are we going to get any warning so we can graceful exit if the token economics aren’t acceptable ?

Only asking, as have noticed a sudden influx of over 1000 nodes in a day, yet limited free space has been added to the satellites, and can’t see any new IP’s so was wondering if this is a broken API or something exciting about to happen? If we expecting more data, just let the SNO’s know as many can grow their disks with demand.



According to the grafana dashboard it is actually 2000+ new nodes in 5 hours:

That or … a few thousand people got a nice shiny new TrueNas set up over the Holidays and as Jan 2nd (3rd as well in some places!) is a holiday in most of the world, They finally had a few hours downtime to get around to setting it up and decided to give this “Storj” thing a try… :smiley:


my incoming bandwidth seemed to drop on Jan 5, I wonder if that could be related to all the new nodes.

Is the payment method changing??
Where did you read it?

No, it’s not changing. Currently there is only speculations.
Storj labs doesn’t control, who and when may run nodes. But we could have a bug in reporting data, however, this is not confirmed so far.

Starting so many nodes in such a small time frame is almost certain the work of 1 or very few related actors. Can’t be just a coincidence for 10% of Storj network, involving 1000 SNOs.

It’s possible. But at least I’m not aware of any such activity from StorjLabs.

That should be easy to verify by email or payout address unless this single/few actor(s) were using unique data for every node. However this would not make sense as payout per node is small.

Growth on my 8 nodes has basically stalled this month. A few even lost a small bit, and I saw 100’s of Gigabytes in the trash this month, per node. Might this be related?

Unlikely, especially deletions (unless your node was offline too much).
The new nodes must be vetted first, and during this time they will receive only 5% of the customers’ uploads until got vetted. For the one node in the same /24 subnet of public IPs it should take at least a month for a one satellite.
If they started them in the same subnet, then all this traffic will be distributed between them as for the one node. And vetting can take in the same times longer as an amount of such nodes in the same /24 subnet.

Any chance this is a botnet starting nodes on unsuspecting infected hosts? With Ethereum moving to proof of stake, all those crypto mining bots need a new income stream.

Too much overhead and no immediate income, so unlikely.
But it could be one or few persons though.

^ In short, it’s too much trouble to use a botnet to get mere cents that won’t even cover the cost of hiring a botnet.

It seems that many new nodes come from Finland. This month they entered top 10 and are rising.