2PB disk space storj

I have 2PB of disk space available. I want to mine storage.
I can allocate 10 gbit network per 50 Tb disk (private)
However, can I move the files inside the discs to a different disc in the future?
How much will I earn per month for an estimated 2pb of disk space?
Thank you.

You may use this Community Realistic earnings estimator to have an idea how long it may take to fill up all free space and how much you may earn.

Hello @Alexey
What if the disk is in a location that I can’t physically reach?
For example, can I transfer over the internet? ( ftp vs. )
Thank you.

The rsync utility allows you transfer via the internet.
However, you can use different transfer methods too, but most of them requires to stop your source node and never run it again if transfer is started. You can run it again only in the final destination after transfer will be completed at full, otherwise your node can be disqualified.

About the same as someone with 1TB of space. This is not mining (chia). where you can add as much disk space as you want and use it all.
Storj disk space is used by real customers to store their data. Just because you have 2PB of free disk space, it does not mean that there’s a customer (or custgomers) who wants to store 200PB of data, so your node gets filled up.

I have been running my node since before the last network wipe and I have 21TB of data stored right now, so I’d say that’s close to the maximum stored data on one node. If you start a new node right now, it will take a long time to reach even 10TB.

Unless you have multiple public IPv4 IPs from different /24 subnets, you won’t get more data than that.

You cannot split a node in two. You can, however, start two nodes on the same array and then later move one of them to a different system.

You can use rsync multiple times. Run it once while the node is running, then again (may be needed multipletimes), then shut down the node, run rsync one last time and start the node on the new system. This would minimize downtime, compared to shutting down the node and waiting until the entire data gets copied.


This is how i do it and works without any issue or disqualification using rsync:
rsync -avz [local file/directory] [new-location / new-server user@ip:/location ] with the node running … hours LATER :slight_smile: when its done … you just stop the node and do the rsync command again : rsync -av --update [local file/directory] [new-location / new-server user@ip:/location ] … should be done in 1-2 minutes max … and Done … you can start the same node from new location/server … just be sure to change location for identify (if changed) in configuration file when starting the node

Sometimes i get some error after starting the node from the new location, the bandwidth db is the problem for the errors … just delete from the new location the storj/storage/bandwidth.db file and copy it again from the old location and restart the node and will be fine !!!

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The last rscync must be with --delete option to remove excess files from the destination, especially temporary database files (they are applied, when you stopped the node).
If you miss this step, your databases could become corrupted at the destination.

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thanks … so that’s why gets corrupted sometimes … good to know … i was deleting from new location and then send a fresh copy ! I`ll try with --delete next time

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