3 of 4 nodes offline after internet outage

After a 2 hours ISP outage now 3 of 4 nodes show offline and no internet access. Tried rebooting router and cable modem. Still offline. Tried rebooting PCs. Still offline. Tried rebooting LAN switch. Still offline. Checked Static IP addresses all good. The only node working is a Windows 10 PC. The other 3 not working nodes are Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Network diagnostic on non working Windows PC say DNS sever not working. Ran chkdsk, no errors.

I’m stumped. Any advise is appreciated.

  • Are you using a DDNS service?

no. I have static public gateway and static IP addresses for each PC with port forwarding.

This is a wild guess, but I know of a case where a power surge event has damaged both ISP’s last mile equipment and a home router. The former resulted in downtime until the ISP replaced failing components, the latter burned an ethernet port in the home router, rendering it useless. Is your hardware connected by an ethernet cable? Will swapping cables make a different PC work?

all connections are ethernet cables. Tried swapping port on one PC but still no access. Some non Storj PCs have working internet access ( such as this one I’m using to access this forum) which is why it is so strange.
All PCs and nodes have working LAN connections.
All PCs have UPS with surge protection.

IP4 Properties → DNS Server
is the same on all PCs?

What do the storagenode logs say?

For the Windows 10 PC does internet browsing work?

Fixed it.

3 months ago my ISP, WOW, was acquired by RCN/Astound. It turns out they turned off the WOW DNS server last night. Some of my PCs used WOW’s DNS server but others did not. I updated the non working PC network setting to use a good DNS servers and now all nodes are online and every PC has internet access.