429 (Too Many Requests)

I’m trying to get an auth token for a new node, but the website doesn’t seem to do anything when I click the Continue button.

The browser console shows the following error.

app_f131d48731a1a6af9977.js:1 PUT https://registration.storj.io/s2@****.co.uk 429 (Too Many Requests)

Is this a known issue and any ETA on a fix?

It appears to be working now. :grinning:

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Welcome to the forum @al3xclarke!

Did you do something for it to work, or did it fix by itself? :slight_smile:

It just fixed itself, but that was to be expected as the 429 error was being returned by the web server.

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I think (not sure) you have to wait 24 hours between two auth tokens

This was definitely an issue with the website/hosting as the issue resolved itself within ~15 minutes.

It’s designed like that - it is throttling a little bit to make it difficult to automate token generation.

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