A documentation to Storj is needed

At the end of v2 network end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 i wrote go clone of the V2 c-Libstorj, just befor STORJ announced public to switch the code basis to go lang.

I could to this because there was a detailed information how the network work/should work in form of sips (for example https://github.com/storj/sips/blob/master/sip-0005.md)

This lib was used to test v2 nodes to classify for the v3 waitlist, instead of the native c-lib.

Right now i am not able to write a client on my self because there is no useful documentation about the network. I digging already in the source, but this didn’t make me realy happy, there are so many functions with similar namings etc, i can’t see a clear flow.

On of my real existing problem is, that when i a upload a file via uplink the RS settings at the creation of the bucket are got used. Is this design or a fault? I didn’t know that. I can dig into that and fix it, but if write a PR and it is design it will never be merged and my time is wasted.

Ok this was long. For short a detailed network documentation is needed.


The expected behavior is that new objects use the RS parameters that the bucket was created with, unless the new object specifies its own RS parameters explicitly. Were you using the uplink command-line tool or libuplink or something else?

I a m using both cli and lib, as stated in an other post, an exact documentation is needed, without that Storj is for users like me useless. And why there are options which are not working?

Yes, documentation is of course necessary. By the time the service gets out of beta, there will be good documentation. Until then, we will have to rely on the godoc for the package. If you have read through example code and the godoc and still have a specific question, this forum is a good place to ask.

As for why there are options which are not working: I’m not sure which options you’re referring to, but the answer is probably “because Storj is still in alpha, and is still being built”.