A proposal to a STORJ Announcements proposal

my 500x500+ tv pays me 53 euro, I will change it soon

I would very seriously consider it if only the language wasn’t SO DAMN DIFFICULT! :smile:

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That’s expensive. I’m paying $12.5/mo, and that includes a subscription to some streaming service with bad movies only. Same country.

It’s pretty easy, the phonetics are almost like Chinese, grammar is only slightly more difficult than Japanese, and we have grandmas who insist on teaching every foreigner how to speak the language. And we don’t skip over word endings like French.


Well, the saving grace is that you spell what you say and always say what you write.
But for someone who can speak several Romance and Germanic languages (to varying degrees of fluency, I hasten to add. I am no C3P0), Slavic languages are turning out to be a complete brain melt! :smiley: