Ability to ignore topics

Can we make it so that I can ignore a topic? So that it doesn’t show up in new/latest/etc all the time?

For example, I would like to block topic, not in English, and topics that involve Windows (which I don’t use).

Thank you in advance,

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You can play with your preferences: https://forum.storj.io/u/joesmoe/preferences/tags
There you can specify a muted tags such as на-русском, en-français, auf-deutsch, lietuviškai and so on. The same for categories and users.

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Whilst i’ve tried this, they still appear in similar topics.

Also is there a way to ‘mark all read?’ i’m still getting a lot of really old topics that keep popping up in similar topics.

I still think a per topic ignore feature would be really nice, so that when there’s a topic that is popular but not of interest it doesn’t show up everywhere.

I know this is a nit picky kind of thing, but maybe it’s something easily available.

You can Mute it