About the dashboard showing offline

Dear Storj,
My node for all satellites is currently offline. I also send an email about this problem to the support but received an email from hello@storj.io stating that my node for Europe satellites is currently down.

What does your dashboard show ?

This is what it looks like on my dashboard.

Try Ctrl + F5 to fix that styling issue.

Did you figure out why is your node failing audits ?

Actually some months ago I accidentally put the wrong path on data folder while migrating my node from Ubuntu Server LTS. When I did a robocopy on the blobs folder of the wrong path to the old path where my old data were saved. All data were copied, not moved. So I send an email to support if I could delete those data which were consuming my extra space on my hard drives. They told to run some commands and mail them the results. After mailing the support about the results, they told me I am good to go. So I deleted the extra data just 3 hours ago, but after 1 to 2 hour the node status says offline. What should I do?

I think it is one of the probable reason, but am not sure of it.

Is your port forwarded properly ?


As far as I know, I have not messed with my router settings recently.

the result of the yougetsignal.com says that my ports for 28967 is closed. Is there something wrong with my router?

the virtual servers on the forwarding tab are okay, and the DDNS has also succeded connecting. But still why is my node not online?

Make sure the LAN IP of your node hasn’t changed. Also double check that no firewall is blocking traffic.

okay, I am back online. Don’t know how but I had a power cut, so had to shut down the PC. And after a while when I restarted it again, I was back online. And when I checked the port on www.yougetsignal.com, it showed that my port 28967 is open.

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My node is getting this error also. After 142h of uptime, CLI dashboard shows OFFLINE.

ERROR nodestats:cache Get held amount query failed

Node ID: 12M73xehtcYUeN7dVJ3ejBC2u7bG1inyogXWta2eJPKVQvXNmCk
Node Version: v1.3.3
OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Please, check all points from this check-list:

But a wild guess - could you share the last 10 lines from the logs: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator