Access Bucket Statistics through Uplink-C

The website shows statistics for the project and buckets (like used size, amount of objects and used bandwidth). As an app developer I want to show this information also in the 3rd party app.

My current implementation of the app is based on the Uplink-C library. I couldn’t find any API there to retrieve this information.

Is it possible to access to this data though Uplink-C?

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We don’t have that but I do like the idea.

A few things are exposed through storj/ at 47301e571806113d8c5fdcb944751f9b35f5ea08 · storj/storj · GitHub . Access to this API is currently limited, you can contact support to check what they can do for you.


Sounds interesting.
Right now I‘m focusing of implementing all of the Uplink-API, but this would be a great enhancement for the app later.