Access denied when I setup a 2nd project with uplink

I have free account.
I already setup a project A with uplink.
Now, I create a new project B from browser.
Then I create an access grant for CLI for project B and I get the API key.
Then I run the following console and I get access denied.

What I forgot?

a:\downloads\storj>uplink setup
Select your satellite:
Enter number or satellite address as "<nodeid>@<address>:<port>" [1]: 1
Choose an access name (use lowercase letters) ["default"]: ntua1
Enter your API key: <API key given>
Data is encrypted on the network, with an encryption passphrase
stored on your local machine. Enter a passphrase you'd like to use.
Enter your encryption passphrase: <a password given>
Enter your encryption passphrase again: <a password given>

With your permission, Storj can automatically collect analytics information from your uplink CLI to help improve the quality and performance of our products. This information is sent only with your consent and is submitted anonymously to Storj Labs: (y/n)
Error: uplink: permission denied (Unauthorized API credentials); unable to unmarshal access grant: proto: pb.Scope: illegal tag 0 (wire type 2)


Did you try with the newest version of uplink?

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Hello @nickreserved,
what’s the url of the satellite you’re looking at, could you post it here?
It might be that you select wrong satellite on the uplink cli.