Account balance not displayed?

Hello, I signed into my tardigrade/storj DCS account so I could check my current account balance but I can’t find my account balance anywhere on the billing page. Am I looking in the wrong place or is this information no longer shown on the website? Payment credits and billing debits are still shown so I guess I can do the math for now…

Also, after trying to sign into the support system, it’s giving me errors:

Which satellite are you using ? Why are you checking your balance on support pages ?

Satellite is US1.

Lol, I wasn’t. I was looking for support related to this issue.

Odd that support pages aren’t working for you. In the meantime have you tried this

Yes, This is what it looks like.

Click the Test project name and then Advanced Report. Does that help?

Unfortunately not.

I’m having the same experience, the balance used to be visible in the upper section of the billing page (EU1), next to the “Current Billing Period” dropdown, but its not there anymore.

I created an internal issue for the missed balance.

Regarding support site - please, disable shield in the Brave, or do not use Brave on this site.


Balance is showing now. Thanks for fixing it.