Add a second drive on different linux question

I have my disk node full, so I would like to add a second disk.
I would like use a new linux machine for this new drive, I will use a docker to run it, what is the correct way to do it ?
I have to copy my identity keys folder form my running node on new machine and run the node ?


Hi @brizio71
To build a second node, you’ll need a new identity, don’t reuse the same as your existing node.

You can follow the same steps as for the first node, the only difference will be the ports to use.

Either you use a different port on the new host in the docker command (ie use 28968 or another port of your choice instead of 28967)
either you use the same port but adapt the NAT on your router (ie forward port 28968 to port 28967 of your new host)
(I personally prefer the first option)

You can keep the same port for the dashboard as it is not supposed to be exposed and will be on a different host, but same, you can increase the port number to follow the same logic as previous.


thanks for you info,
I have to create a new token too ?
Could I use the same email address ?

yes you need also a new token, you can use the same email address and same wallet address

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You can also use the same computer where the first node is. And add another docker container named storagenode2. But you should use new identity and new ports in docker and router.


To be precise, you have to use the same address, per TOS