Add Tardigrade to Couchdrop

Their supported storage page says:

We are always adding storage endpoints. Give us a yell if we are missing your cloud.


C’mon Storjlabs yell at them and get Tardigrade added


storjlabs is gonna need another employee working on all your suggestions :smiley:


Just one? :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Well some suggestions are really easy to pursue as some solutions already offer S3 integration. For such it is just to create awareness for Tardigrade and get the logos and information about Tardigrade, maybe a link, onto the resp. webpages.
It is always funny to see cloud friends like Wasabi already there. It is like the story about the hare and the hedgehog.
Some cases indeed would require a bit more work and talks.

I think even an s3 integration should preferrably run their own gateway. So that would require some more talks I guess.
But iirc tardigrade runs a public s3 endpoint? That would be the easier way but kind of makes a lot of the decentralization advantages “disappear”.

Maybe I phrased it not good enough. I wanted to point out the difference between talks about integration where the product generally is already S3 ready. While with others there is more work to do to get Tardigrade integrated at all.

yes that’s for sure. If they are not yet s3 compatible, they’ll need to write an integration, which is probably more work than many are willing to do.

Yes, exactly. And then there is of course the problem that the product is innovative and new.
So it poses a risk not only to use it but to put a lot of resources into integration work. If nobody uses Tardigrade, there is no need to integrate it. But if it does not get integrated (or even mentioned) nobody will use it. We all know this kind of problem.
But with companies like Filebase or so I think there are some good arguments speaking for Tardigrade.

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