Added Kraken address as payout address works like a charm

I added to all my Nodes a Exchange address for payout. this is the cheapest way and it works like a charm.
All the Ethereum L2 scaling stuff is a mess. zkSync, Polygon ends up in a fee hell.

I know not your keys not your coins. However Storj is a utility token. After receiving the Tokens the best way is to sell it.

It might be cheap, but runs the risk of the exchange requiring new KYC, or completely locking down the chain.

I agree the L2 stuff is a bit hit and miss, but if you take your time, there are cheap transactions to be had, but appreciate to get this is allot of time spent monitoring for the right moment.

Also remember we have the ETH Merge scheduled for this month, although it could still be cancelled it’s expected around the 11th till 20th September… think it’s currently estimated for 15th… So you will see the ETH chain frozen on many exchanges as they transition over, there will also be client updates, and loads of other bits going on so expect some potential issues trading around these dates… also expect the gas fees and token values to be all over the place :frowning:

#Edit : also as you mentioned Kraken, their support post

They will be freezing withdrawals and deposits of ETH and ERC20 tokens, so bad luck for any one using an exchange address during payout, lets hope Storj pay before the 10th :slight_smile: We won’t even talk here about Forks that might occur during the Merge…it’s not known yet… As long as you have funds going into an ERC-20 wallet, there is nothing to worry about, your tokens will still be valid.

That’s down to each SNO to work out, based on their personal preference - some will cash out straight away, other will transact into a stable coin, or a more dynamic coin, others will just leave the token for a rainy day…



Yes I convert to Tether on Tezos

This is the reason I am using on chain governance blockchains :slight_smile: