After disabling lazy mode the filewalkers didn't print anything to the logs

No, it’s the default. You only need to add it if you want to set it to false.


Omg so currently my nodes do both, at startup and lazy. Then it’s clear, why both are struggling. I think.

This flag is not present on older nodes before this flag was introduced. So technically you have to manually add it to the config.yaml file then set it to true/false.

Config.yaml isn’t updated if newer flags are added. Its created only once when you create the node.

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No, they should not struggling if the lazy mode is enabled (it’s enabled by default, if you did not disable it).
You may disable a startup scan, if you do not have discrepancies between the data used on the dashboard and data used reported by the OS (please use SI units) and do not have a side usage on the same disk with node’s data, it should reduce the load on startup.