After restarting my server today I cant get up my node again

What I mean with reinstall is that I uninstall the storjnode in windows and install it again from scratch. I am pretty sure noIP DUC & NetTime is working fine since my node gets up right away after reinstalling.

I understand what you mean about services, if I get my problem again I will go and restart both from services to see if that helps. ( right now I am back up, since I did a reinstall )

Question: Is there any other way to check if node is up, then going to Node Dashboard ? any commands ?

Not really on GUI… But you could setup a web dashboard. It is the same dashboard but you can view it from anywhere. Here is mine:

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Cool Enzo!
Any guide on how to setup a web dashboard?

It is not that hard, you just enable it in the config.yaml, and port forward port 14002 on your node (you can change what port you use in the config file, 14002 is defult)

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In the config file go to this line:

# server address of the api gateway and frontend app
# console.address:

And remove the second “#”

# server address of the api gateway and frontend app

Then port forward 14002.

Once that is complete, to view your web dashboard, type tour external IP followed by a colon and port 14002. Like this:

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Try to add delay or second try to start Storj service. If problem happens only after server reboot.

I see the same errors in last 2 version after each computer reboot. Reason is slow windows system DNS resolver - storage node starts before it ready to work. So node can not get DNS query ==> can not reach satellites ==> can not finish “preflight ckecks”(including clock sync) ==> refuse to work.
I have fixed with additional retries - if service does not start at first try after boot there will be additional attempt to start service 1 minute later. I my case this 1 min delay is enough for DNS resolver to start working properly and node starts from 2nd try, while almost always fail at first try during system boot.

I have started new github issue about such node behavior:


Appreciate it!

New discovery.
After doing a few restart I see that after each restart when I go to “services” I can see that my storagenode is stopped.

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Regarding the temporary DNS issues after system reboot, it is very likely that the storagenode service starts before the DNS service of Windows. We will add dependency to this service in the installer.

Meanwhile, you should be able to add this dependency manually using this command:

sc config storagenode depend= dnscache