After setup the storj node do I get real data stright away?


After I setup my first node operator, I can see a lot of activity. Do I get stright away real data already or what kind of data it is? How do I diferenciate test data from real data?

Storage Node Operator it’s you :slight_smile:

Every new node must be vetted. The vetting node can receive only 5% of potential traffic until got vetted. To be vetted on one satellite it should pass 100 audits from it. For the one node it should take at least a month.
If you have more than a one node behind the same /24 subnet of public IPs, they will share the traffic and the vetting could take in the same amount of times longer as a number of nodes behind the same /24 subnet of public IPs.

Every data is paid. So it doesn’t really matter is it a test data or not. It’s customers’ data anyway and it will be paid.


In 6 hours since I launched the node already have 2.3GB Ingress and I can see that from all the sattelites can see 100% Audit. Is that normal? As today i joined the network 3 TB ( well 1.8Tb usable only because of the RAID setup). Tomorrow workin in adding another 10 TB

you won’t get more data if you add 10TB. Just wait until the 3TB (or 1.8TB) are full and expand then. It will take at least 3 month at current ingress rates.
100% audit score is good.

I ment that I will ad another node with 10Tb under the same subnet

that is a bad idea because then the vetting will take twice as long for both nodes.
You don’t get more ingress within the same /24 subnet. It will be divided among all nodes.

I see. Thx for enlighting the matter. Then I need to look for an alternative and launch the node on a different network

Or just launch later, when the first one would be at least vetted or almost full.

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The thing is you have to follow the “network pace”.
It’s not possible to speed up ingress/egress as it follows customers’ actions and StorjLabs’ tests.

Unless you can have different IPs in different /24 subnets, in which case each node would be working at full network pace, if that makes sense

But in all cases, don’t expect things to go fast, it takes several months for a single node to begin making a bit of revenue and store a decent amount of data


That part is outdated. Every node will get a minimum number of audits as soon as it stores at least 1 piece. Let’s take an extrem example. It will take a bit longer to vett 100 nodes over vetting 1 node but it will not take 100 times as long. Vetting these 100 nodes one by one will take 100 times as long so you can as well start them all at once.

I would also clarify that. The group of unvetted nodes gets 5% of all uploads. The group of vetted nodes gets 95% of the uploads. If both groups would be equal in size that would mean a node gets 19 times more uploads as soon as it gets vetted. Now the problem is these groups are not the same size. If we have 19 times more vetted nodes then unvetted nodes you would get exactly the same traffic. If we have even more vetted nodes you might get less traffic as soon as you are vetted.

Download traffic more or less depends on the used space. An old storage node holding 5 TB will get 5 times more download traffic then a storage node holding 1 TB. Vetted nodes will not get more download traffic just because they are vetted. They need to collect used space first. This statement is also a bit too simple to always be correct. I would say over all a new node will start with a slightly lower number of repair downloads. The repair traffic should slowly increase over time. → The download traffic will differ a bit from node to node. The point is vetting has impact on upload, uploads will be followed by downloads, getting vetted doesn’t change the download selection.