Aggressive network and disk activity recently?

Why do you think is it related to a commercial SNOs?
Commercial SNO are SOC2 compliance and they are located in a few datacenters, not

SNOs running nodes in data centers long before the commercial SNO program has been implemented. Some built a home datacenter even…

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This is a short two paragraph mention of Storj in a short article.
It is not comprehensive regarding what was said in the full Parliamentary discussions.

Even if we were to pick apart the entire transcript, Parliament is not there to learn the nuances of different types of SNOs, the purpose was to give a general idea of what distributed storage is and why it is important for environmental efforts.

This was a presentation of the forrest which might seem to exclude non-commercial SNOs but I think we are so close to the trees we might want to see these nuances presented when it is not necessarily the correct context to make such finer point distinctions.

People outside the industry often must be taught with more general examples they can understand.
Data center is a concept most people can understand.
It’s not meant to be exclusionary. It’s meant to be a general example for people who are focused on net zero, not the finer points of the specific technologies.


i’m all for home storage, sorry.
ComSNOs or SNOs using data centres is a “no no” for true decentralization.

You are absolutely entitled to your opinion and preferences.
You are not the only one who has expressed this view point.

I’m saying we can’t magically deduce long term strategy from a two paragraph snippet of a discussion none of us heard.


To me it’s actually fine, I don’t mind the traffic or the disk activity if it is intended and normal.