Am I late because of shut down nodes? (europe-north-1 and us2)

I have not been here for several months and have now read that Testnotes will be shut down. Unfortunately I have not found for 10 minutes what to do now exactly (Graceful Exit which nodes exactly?).

I have not found any instructions.

Currently I have the following nodes:

Or has this all been taken care of already?

Thanks already and sorry for not being here for a long time :wink:

You don’t need to take any action.
The majority of the data in the test satellites would have been deleted from your nodes over a few weeks until they were decommissioned.
The instructions were given in order to remove “leftovers” from the shut down satellites, which usually isn’t a lot of data.

If your disks are full then probably worth doing it in order to squeeze in more paid data, otherwise I wouldn’t rush.

(I still have multiple terabytes free in many of my nodes so at the moment I’m going to leave it alone and see if any problems crop up). :slight_smile:


The instruction how to forget untrusted satellites:

seems that is not the case for some Nodes. some had to delete Some GB of test data.
Everybody with 6 blobs folders instead of 4 should check it.