Am I out of the game?

I had an accidental outage about 15 days ago that lasted about a day. I noticed that I only got 5 payments instead of the usual 6, and the missing one was always the largest (by a huge amount). Now I am not getting any data, though my node is using a lot of CPU.

Going to port 14002, it says it’s online. Trying to access the payment information is not working, I am unable to select a particular satalite nor am I able to look at any prior months.

How can I get more info, and if I was "canceled’ for the downtime, how can I get back in the game? The hardware is still good.

Node id: 12qHdgWwyz7rL21hqRzmufGTN5D5aU3WJc87hzVdpmfrKdwQiWS

We have only 5 satellites, so you can’t receive 6 transactions as usual.
You can check your payout information with

Please, refresh the dashboard page with Ctrl-F5

Thanks Alexey, I refreshed and it’s working again. weird.

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