Amount of test and customer data stored

Can someone from storj indicate the proportion of test data vs customer data volume stored on the network?

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if memory serves then currently some satellites like saltlake and stefan benten are dedicated for test data…

why does it matter,… basically it goes like this… if you are getting any noticeable data then it’s test data and if you are getting data then most other nodes are also getting data…

they are paid the same, tho test data might be more valuable to a SNO because you know storj will download it again in the near future… with a real customer you have no such guarantee

this month i’m up to 3.74PBh stored
1.35PB’h is europe-north
h is saltlake
the other 4 share the rest… which is nothing comparative…
i will bet you those are test data satellites, atleast salt lake i knew is test
but europe north i’m not 100% about, but would make sense to have a test satellite in the middle of each continent… there are some internet limitation world wide to also take into account… one cannot just move infinite data from one place to another without running into congestion in the larger infrastructure.

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Question is about network and there is no justifying answer unless you actually know X amount is test and Y amount is “real” data. AFAIK network has 19PB capacity and 6000+ nodes.

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yeah i think, 0dmin had a thread about tardigrade satellites vs actual storj satellites… only like 3 or so are used on the tardigrade platform… ofc we don’t know if there is also running tests on those… but i think the storjlings have spoken about some satellites being dedicated test satellites…
which should mean that those satellites would not have customer data…

but yeah i duno

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Customer facing satellites:

stefan-benten > Used to be for test +, but tests has moved to others
saltlake > New testing satellite
europe-north-1 > Testing and Storjlabs projects like gitbackup

Please note, this is to the best of my knowledge based on info from Storjlings. It could be outdated or I could be mistaken about some of it.


no answer from storj is sort of an answer too, anyways, still curious

All users are customers. Some of them still testing, some of them already implemented something and just uses the network.
Please, explain, why it makes any difference for you?

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just curious about the percentage of customer data compared to test data