An update about durability and data traffic in Ukraine and Russia

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Belarus had inbound traffic removed in error and will be fixed shortly.


As an update to this thread, here are two blog posts from today:


I moved all political discussions to a separate thread. I would like that we as a Community will try to do not involve politics in our discussions. I know it’s very difficult, but please try.

I do not want to take any side, I just against any wars, include word wars on our forum.
Please try to stay on topic and be apolitical.
If you would like to discuss politics, any country governments’ actions - please use a different resource, not the our forum.
Peace all!


your thoughts are in tune with mine. I didn’t want to talk about politics. but i saw that the some storjlings were talking about it and the other members were appealing to me.
Now, if others don’t mind, I would like you to delete the transferred messages altogether.

This would be a difficult to delete so much posts… but I would try… They are completely out of our forum goals, I just did not want to be a prosecutor here.
With my regrets It’s done…

Please try to do not start discussions of politics. I do not want to delete posts, it’s against my nature - I believe anyone should decide for themselves what is right and what’s wrong and anyone should have a right to discuss their opinions and find something new.
But our forum is not for such of political discussions. Thank you for understanding.


Looks like inbound traffic fixed from EU satellites. But from US satellite my node receiving only repair traffic after block.
If you got time, could you please check?

I have one more question.
Some of my nodes located in Belarus and use VPN because provider use NAT for my ISP. I chose VPS in Russia because it is cheaper.
If internet in Russia will be block I will change VPS provider so there no risks for lose data in my region. May be I can somehow prove my node location for unblock ingress traffic on this nodes?
Waiting for your reply, thanks.
Best regards.

ingress blocket by IP so if you have Russion IP it will be blocked. Storj cant verify it and cant risk also.

There is a PR inflight that should allow us to enable upload to RU nodes again: satellite/repairer: handle excluded countries · storj/storj@29fd36a · GitHub

We are currently working on a point release. Maybe later today or tomorrow we can deploy that on all satellites.


Warning. All political posts will be removed. Independently of the side and point of view.
Sorry about that. If you want to discuss politic or actions of any Government - please do not use our forum!