And how i can make 4 nodes @ one pc?!

New identity no need new email, you can get 1 identity /24h and if you used previus(activated) I have 25 nodes and 1 or 2 emails.

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all 24h i can get a new identity with the same email… ok nice :smiley:

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Neither. You never want more than one node on the same storage. This would just add overhead. RAID is mostly a waste of good storage space. You would be best off just running a node on each HDD. You don’t need to use separate systems for that. You can run multiple nodes from the same PC or NAS.

ok , and when a hard drive get crash… this node is get off and all data are disappeared.
Finally this node are disqualified.

Yes, but up until that moment you made money on that storage. On average you will be better off. The only exception is if you already have large amounts of storage. In that case RAID6 can be worth it. (RAID6 is useless with large drives as it is very likely to fail on rebuild)
But for most users wasting 2 HDDs worth of space is not worth it at all.

ok, my to do list for this weekend.
Server shot down. Back up. raid 5 delete. every disk run as his own node.

can i operate one node with Windows and the other 3 nodes operate with docker , all this with one pc at the same time?!

Yes. But I would like to recommend you to start the next node only when the previous one almost full or at least vetted.

All nodes behind the same subnet /24 of public IPs will be treated as a one node, so you will not get more traffic than only one node.

Each new node must be vetted. To be vetted on one satellite your node should pass 100 audits for it. For the one node it should take at least a month.
For the multiple nodes behind the same /24 subnet of public IPs it could take in the same amount of times longer as a number of such nodes.

So the best approach is to start the next node only when the previous one is almost full or at least vetted.

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when my hard disk 1TB is nerarly full and have 100 Audits passed, then i made only ONE new Node via Docker (the next 1TB Hard disk).?!

Yes. When that second would be almost full you can start a next node with a next HDD and so on.

ok nice.
i have 87 Audits and Recoverable failed: 1 , in 2 or 3 days i have my 100 audits, than to wait until this storage is full in a few weeks.

I disagree with waiting until hdd is full. Once one node is vetted, you should start next node right away. That way you will earn same amount but lose much less if one of the drives fails. Imagine first drive fails before filling up, you will lose all escrow. But if you have started another node, you will still have another nodes escrow available since traffic would be split between two nodes


ok, you mean that i make a new node in around 2-3 days, then my 1.node have 100 audits done?!

100 audits not in total, but 100 audits by each satellite

I agree with you, it’s better to start the next node right after the first one is fully vetted. That way you also minimize the held amount per satellite. And since bandwidth is distributed across /24 subnets you will keep the same ingress just split up across different nodes.
Also keep in mind that vetting on stefan-benten is REALLY slow at the moment so I wouldn’t wait for it to vet because it could take very long at the current rate of ingress.
My node that’s been online for 4 months still isn’t vetted on stefan-benten, it’ll get there eventually but it just takes a long time. Might get faster if they start using it again for testing.

how can i see , how many audits every satellite have done on my node ?!

Look here:

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Also, you can use a

All 4 Nodes are running :slight_smile: with the toolbox, it is very easy :slight_smile:
thx for the help.

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