Announce approximate payout day of month

Hello Storj team and node operators.

I think it wold be good if storj announce approximate day for payout.
I know that payout is 4-14 of month.
But everyone waiting their salary and nervily waiting when it come.
Also all other part of the world don’t know when US has any not working days.
It will make less questions about when payout.

So what do you think people?


Our team is currently working on compiling the payout data so I would assume that it will still take a few more days. Sorry that we can´t give you a more exact answer at this moment.

Btw if you use Google calendar, you can have it mark all the US holidays :wink:


whats wrong with data? usualy it go by script? and ready on 4-th of month.

[sarcasm]think they are waiting for higher Gas-fees ;)[/sarcasm]

Think they will do their job :wink:

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Please note that this process is not yet automated. I.e. the script does not run itself. The person who is doing the payouts was on PTO last week. We are still on schedule to get the payouts done within the first 2 weeks of the month as promised.

Furthermore, there is no need to assume ulterior motives with timing of payouts. Higher gas fees will not benefit Storj Labs either, so actually we always strive to send payouts when fees are low.


no one accusing, this is the information that i was thinking about, (dont know what is PTO) but also people need rest some time and this is normal. It just that other 3000 people that wating, dont check their account 3 time a day.

PTO = Personal time off. And again, we have already noted that payouts can happen anywhere within the first half of the month. They will be done when we make the official post.

There is no need to constantly check your payout address either, you can add your address in to a list of addresses to be monitored and have them send you an email as soon as a transaction is received to that address.


good point thank you. lot of people dont know, that this possibilities exist.
also 2 week timeframe is very big, what wold you do if get full time job salary in 2 week timeframe.
for Europe it is not normal.

Pretty sure its already been said that we wont be getting paid this month if you got the double payout last month. So the only people who will probably be getting a payout is people using zksync and polygon cause they didnt get the double payout.

probably it will be something like this.

Yes, most places that would not be normal for a salary distribution, but this is quite different than a salary position 2 week interval payout system and is not intended to function that way or replace an income of that type.

I know you know this, but I’m saying it for the benefit of others who may be new or read this in future searches.

As @heunland said, at this time we are still well within the approximated payout window and we anticipate no issues meeting that timeframe. If payouts are ever anticipated to fall outside the normal window, we would of course notify SNOs accordingly.

And yes, lower gas fees benefit everyone. Hopefully some day the ETH gas fees will no longer be an issue as significant as it currently is, but until then we will do our best with L2 solutions etc.

Thank you for your continued patience.


Was just joking, had marked as sarcasm :wink:

But That still depends on the sum of the earnings, does it?
Thx :slight_smile:

Well I can tell you we didnt make more last month. SO yeah I dont see us getting a payout.

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@Vadim StorjLabs could stick to their current process and announce that from now on payouts would be sent on the 15th every month.

Then, would it make you very happy instead of nervous, because you’d receive your payouts earlier than announced most months?

What I’m trying to say is that: in my humble opinion, to most SNOs the payout is so small compared to an actual salary that it’s just a bonus every month, and it doesn’t really matter what day it gets paid…

So even though a fixed or announced-in-advance payout day could be a plus, I feel like it’d be a pretty minor improvement.

Some may disagee and YMMV of course.
That’s just my take on the matter :slight_smile:

Maybe he saw the double payout last month and is really dying to see if it happens again, cause when you make 500 dollars a month running storj nodes a double payout looks pretty good right?

there is litle bit biger numbers already each month. Also when you going big, it is not passive income any more, you need to thing about lot of things that all this staff work stable.
So planning is one of the core thing.

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