Announcement: Changes to node payout rates as of December 1st 2023 (Open for comment)

In the same location? On the same hardware?
Boy, these early subsidies really did produce unhealthy incentives.

Maybe I am not trying to convince you but other people in the forum :wink:
On a serious note, I am perfectly fine with you having a different opinion and I am not trying to convince you.

Again, under the hood, both a plane and a car will get you from A to B.
I am asking you, is it the same?

STORJ offers S3 endpoint. Peering and bandwidth are the bigger cost than HDDs. They offer an S3 endpoint with decentralised HDDs. However the HDDs were not a cost factor to begin with.

This is where we agree. I think it is pretty shady. My BS detector goes wild :slight_smile: That is why I asked questions for clarification multiple times in the forums. My summary is based on the answers @Alexey offered me.

According to him:

  • Everything is paid in STORJ tokens directly, except other
  • Other is only converting tokens to FIAT
  • FIAT is not used for Bahamas mansion nor Lambo
  • FIAT is not used for salaries, bonuses
  • FAIT is used for quote:

If you wanna read up on how they dodged the question like Keanu in Matrix, feel free to read this thread: