Announcing Pioneer 2 and Pricing

Pricing Announcement

Tardigrade is simultaneously accelerating invites to waitlist of 14,000 developers


I hope many industry partners will be using storj! It’s a lot cheaper than AWS disk space but for personal usage (especially as a backup solution) it’s quite expensive. Dropbox costs 1/2 of it and there are multiple providers in Germany that cost less and typically don’t charge for bandwith.

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I hope many industry partners will be using storj

We certainly hope the same! Our offering is solely the storage layer, enabling a wide range of opportunities for exciting ideas and businesses to leverage us. So, we arent dropbox, but if someone wanted to build a Dropbox-style solution on top of Tardigrade we would be thrilled to see it happen

The problem is, if someone actually would build something like dropbox on top of STORJ, he probably wouldn’t be able to be competitive with dropbox as the storage price is already more than twice that of dropbox (without bandwith costs…).

But I guess you can’t provide the perfect solution for everyone. Being competitive to AWS might be enough for STORJ.

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We’re excited to see what folks build on top of Tardigrade. Each storage solution out there today has use cases that make more and less sense, pragmatically. Its going to be great to see how folks use our offering and what they make

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A little difference here. You will pay to dropbox a full price for available storage, but in Storj only for used.
Not all users of dropbox uses all available space, so for the dropbox company it’s a huge profit.

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Furthermore, Dropbox is for sure getting massive bulk discounts - if you store that much on tardigrade, you’ll end up getting better prices, too, I guess.

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That’s probably true. The download traffic will however be still quite costly.

Dropbox != Tardigrade
Tardigrade have a lot of differences, for example: big key feature is decentralization (split and store data on multiple location and using multi threads for each location) vs Dropbox store your data on a single location. The performance and latency of Tardigrade and Dropbox also completely different. Also, use cases of Dropbox is very limited vs Tardigrade have a huge of use cases and integrations.
My Conclusion: The price is very reasonable and can easily beat existing centralized “cloud” solutions.


Let the party begin :smiley:

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Well, obviously Dropbox is not Tardigrade, that was not the point. Tardigrade is highly competitive to other cloud solutions with a reasonable price.
However, not for personal usage as e.g. a backup solution, that’s all I’m saying.

I’m looking forward to what Developers build on top of Tardigrade and I’m sure there will be lots of valuable and interesting projects.


Congratulations @Storjlings for this great milestone!


yeah totally! The dropbox convwersation was a fun thought experiment, but I what im really excited for is to see all the cool real-world tings coming our way. @kevink what will you build???

Is tardigrade capable of knowing what type of nodes is connected to the network ?
For example my node has only 1.5To of storage on an SSD, however I can provide a shit load of bandwidth (10Gb/s UNLIMITED data). That means someone looking to store data long term on my node would make me no money, whereas someone using my node as a CDN could make me a lot of money. For that, storagenode should integrate some kind of speedtest which would run let say every other day, and give the node a score based on its storage capability as well as its bandwidth capability.

  • node with slow storage => long term storage,
  • node with low bandwidth => long term backup node
  • node with high connection speed and high throughput storage => CDN

See what I mean?


Please, add your idea there: or vote for existing.
You can post the link to upvote.

Whilst I agree with the idea, why would anyone want to just store archival data since we hardly earn any money from just storing data?

Saying that, at the moment for anyone to earn decent money from bandwidth payments they would likely have to have a shed load of storage to get a change of storing a piece which is downloaded by the user.