Any news about payout?


when will be done the payout ?


As every other month … before the 15th.

this month the payout has been completed ?

Not yet. Some time before the 15th. The thread will be pinned in the Node Operator (SNO) category when complete.


It would not surprise me if Storj are talking to lawyers right now about the Russian based SNO’s. So there may be a delay in payment.
There is no movement in zksync at the moment.

Is there a sanction for SNOs based in Russia ?

Storj is an American company. We stand firmly on the side of Ukraine, and also recognize that the Russian people are not responsible for the recent actions of their government.

As a US company, we must comply with any sanctions imposed by the US government. The current sanctions do not require us to stop payments to Russian storage nodes. We do our best to support storage node operators wherever they are, while at the same time complying with the laws that apply to us.


best answer ever :slight_smile: respect !

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How do you even identify a russian node? I did not enter my postal address when signing up…

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By there IP address.

But how you do you identify a russian node using an american IP address via VPN?

Well my guess you couldnt but if your hosting more then one node with the same address it would as the russia IP then that would be how, But if your strickly using a VPN in USA then it wouldnt be able to. So if your running more then one node with different IP address and there connected to a node in russia im sure it could be tracked that way. But I dont think it has come to that yet so lets hope it doesnt.

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Payout will be good to get, transaction fee now is half of usual.


Payouts have started, i got paid on zksync


I also got paid on zksync

I got paid on regular channel (non zksync), about 27$ in 27 storj.

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Just been paid on L2

I’ve been paid on L1, but from an zksync address.


Mine’s the same. Thought it was strange but don’t know enough about the whole system to know whether its a issue.

I also received my L1 payment from zksync. All this indicates is that Storj used a zksync rollup to pay L1 addresses, likely saving costs for those L1 transactions. No issue.

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