Anyone re-hosted a storj VM to a new hypervisor?

For those who run storj as a VM, have any of you moved hypervisors? Apart from time, any “gotcha’s” in the process?

It isn’t hard at least for me it just took a while because

I was going from VMware to HyperV and I set up new VM and migrated the data over network because it was simpler due to the fact I was changing the physical servers. But in some cases you can export the VM using VMware migration tools

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Luckily for me I have already moved most of my VM’s off Esxi. I used clonezilla to do it.
I just have my Exchange VM left on Esxi and it seems to love being on its own. lol
But I might want to move my storj node on Proxmox to another Proxmox system later as the current system has a 2TB drive limit (physical rather than logical) but the new hardware I am building can take much larger physical drives. It’s not something i need to think about yet as there is still 300GB free on the node but I may want to do it in a couple of months from now.