Anyone re-hosted a storj VM to a new hypervisor?

For those who run storj as a VM, have any of you moved hypervisors? Apart from time, any “gotcha’s” in the process?

It isn’t hard at least for me it just took a while because

I was going from VMware to HyperV and I set up new VM and migrated the data over network because it was simpler due to the fact I was changing the physical servers. But in some cases you can export the VM using VMware migration tools

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Luckily for me I have already moved most of my VM’s off Esxi. I used clonezilla to do it.
I just have my Exchange VM left on Esxi and it seems to love being on its own. lol
But I might want to move my storj node on Proxmox to another Proxmox system later as the current system has a 2TB drive limit (physical rather than logical) but the new hardware I am building can take much larger physical drives. It’s not something i need to think about yet as there is still 300GB free on the node but I may want to do it in a couple of months from now.

Please you found a solution, just to add to the options I have had good success with StarWind V2V Converter - Converting VM Formats from Esxi to Hyper-V, and also back the other way. This does have the option of injecting the hardware shim into the guest, so you don’t have to worry too much after the move.

Also rsync is great for copying Storj data, you can just set it off, then come back a few hours later and move the guest.