April 2020 SNO Payment: Why did I receive STORJ coins on my old address?


I just received my payment for May.
Durig May, I made a gracefull exit for one satellite on one of my nodes.
Then, I decided to change the ETH payment address for all of my nodes.

But this morning, I just noticed that I received some coins on my old address (only a few : 0.022 STORJ) and the rest on my new adress (actually, the very main part).

I thought the satellites only took the last address confiured in the node to proceed the payment (either for graceful exit payment or for “standard” payment). Am I right?
If so, would it be possible that the satellite made an error and sent only part of my payment on my old address?

I am asking this question because I would like to make sure that I won’t receive any other tokens on my old address.

Thanks all!

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The satellite takes the latest address within payout period.


So I assume this is probably a mistake on my side (maybe I forget to change the address for one of my node before the end of the payout period), right?

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Seems so. The satellite just takes the period and extract the latest address to send payouts.