April was an interesting month, 2 PB*h and 6 TB ingest

EDIT: Replacing screenshot with python

Screenshot was taken early yesterday as the dashboard does not allow you to select previous month(s). I reached 2 PB and 6 TB despite the graphs not showing that.

I just wanted to see how quickly a node could fill based on test data.

  • Majority of the traffic comes from Saltlake, i.e. testdata
  • Ingress is 6 TB, but egress was only around 0.2 TB

Earnings estimate, around $13 iirc (again no access to dashboard data)

I understand that the tests that are running on Saltlake are closer to “real world”, i.e. “backup storage” type of end users.

I think you’re topic title went through a crystal ball there.

If you want to see last months data you can use the earnings calculator.

Here are my results.

Also 6TB ingress, but 2TB egress as well. Unfortunately for older nodes that egress traffic was mostly from the stefan-benten satellite and consisted of downloads of pretty old data. So only the nodes that have been around for a while saw the benefit of that. Loyal nodes tend to do a little better, but this month that counted more than usually.

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Same here, a lot of ingress and little egress. I expand my node from 1TB to 2.5TB and it is almost full.

I do not know the data from Saltlake is actually “testdata”, do you mean if most of the data on my node is from Saltlake, I will actually have less egress (because those are backup storage)?

same here … about 6tb in and close to 0.3 out
got a **** ton of deletes this month tho…atleast a quarter of a million files if not closer to a half

i see your disk space used graph is just as ridiculous as mine…
it seems it only updates like every 13th or so hour and thus every other day or so it will drop to basically nothing and then the next day give you the missing value form the last day…
so ridiculous bad value on its graph update cycle lol

it’s Storj’s way of paying people for participating until really income and data can take over…
so makes sense to reward people more the longer they have had a node, also in case of backup, then one wouldn’t expect it to be downloaded right away… so it also makes a pretty basic test cycle.

Not sure what you mean, what crystal ball :frowning:
On windows so I dont want to go through the hazzle of stoping my node, copy data to a network share, load data from network share on my Mac, and run pyton from my Mac.

You can select another period in the payout estimate in the GUI, but that shows 0 for April.

It’s looking into the future (it says May instead of April).

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It actually shows how much space is free on the drive and not on any quota/limit. So its size of drive - (consumed by StorJ)

If you’re using a Windows GUI install, you can run it on the windows system itself on live databases.

But yeah, dashboard would be more convenient. I think the satellite may need some time to calculate the payout info for the month total. From what I could tell it pulls that data from a different table that would need to be filled by the satellite first. The earnings calculator still uses the actual nodes accounting of bandwidth and storage even for previous months. It’ll be interesting to see if differences show up between the two calculations.

i meant the disk space used this month graph…
it’s not that it’s wrong just that it updates sometimes twice a day and other times once a day, which is why it has all those spikes…

Interesting - mine looks almost exactly the same

April 2020 (Version: 8.1.1)
                        TYPE            DISK       BANDWIDTH            PAYOUT
Upload                  Ingress                      5.97 TB        -not paid-
Upload Repair           Ingress                    162.80 GB        -not paid-
Download                Egress                       2.01 TB         40.10 USD
Download Repair         Egress                     273.09 GB          2.73 USD
Download Audit          Egress                       7.03 MB          0.00 USD
Disk Average Month      Storage      7.57 TBm                        11.36 USD
Disk Usage              Storage      5.45 PBh                       -not paid-
Total                                7.57 TBm        8.41 TB         54.19 USD

Storj did a good job distributing the requests, well at least between our nodes.


Le miens un peu moins

Replaced dashboard with earnings

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Yes, a typical node that has been around since at least the last network wipe and doesn’t have any particular bottlenecks probably looks a lot alike. I’d say our results are probably close to a best case scenario for the month. Give or take 5%.

Thanks, impressive download. how long have you all been running your node(s)? I stared mine in late Februari 2020.

Upload               Ingress         -not paid-              868.83 GB
Download             Egress          20   USD / TB           344.76 GB 

Upload               Ingress         -not paid-                5.71 TB
Download             Egress          20   USD / TB           264.69 GB 

So the download percentage in
March was 40%
April was 5%

Started my node just before the end of February 2019. So about a year before you started yours.

IIRC since 2019 March 16.

Makes sense and I just assumed that there would be a difference between beta and prod but that’s might not be the case

Thank you so much! It sounds quite decent and considerable. I am a newbie here. Thank you for this information.