Are these regular download errors?

All mentioned errors are related to connectivity between your node and customer. It can interrupt downloads abruptly, not just cancel during the long tail cut.
I think you nothing can do about it.

After updating to version 1.0.1 today, I can see a significan decrease of failed downloads:

========== DOWNLOAD ===========
Failed: 56
Fail Rate: 2.451%
Canceled: 3
Cancel Rate: 0.131%
Successful: 2226
Success Rate: 97.418%

It seems that “something” definitely was not right when the previous version was running.

I just checked with my second node which is in a data center. It is showing the same errors:

"Apr 1 10:01:45 storagenode[13282]: 2020-04-01T10:01:45.827+0200#011#033[34mINFO#033[0m#011piecestore#011download failed#011{“Piece ID”: “J7JEDM5M5UULSBJJWQL7F7OGZO4PV4FYLOCUB7XBTQCNTWFMYPHA”, “Satellite ID”: “118UWpMCHzs6CvSgWd9BfFVjw5K9pZbJjkfZJexMtSkmKxvvAW”, “Action”: “GET”, “error”: “write tcp ip:28967-> use of closed network connection”, “errorVerbose”: "write tcp ip:28967-> use of closed network connection\n\*Stream).pollWrite:221\n\\n\*Stream).RawWrite:276\n\*Stream).MsgSend:318\n\*drpcPiecestoreDownloadStream).Send:1168\n\*Endpoint).doDownload.func5.1:667\n\"}"

I just updated it to the new version so maybe the error will not show up again.

Yes, they’ve been showing up on my node as well for a little over 2% of the downloads. I honestly think this is another error that should probably be an INFO log level and “download canceled” instead of “download failed”. As it seems to result from the uplink closing the connection as well.

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