Are you testing the network?

Starting from Feb 5 i noticed a lot of ingress data, it’s about 900mb every hour costantly, around 256kb/s.
This traffic has been the same for 3 days almost. Are you guys doing some testing? I got vetted at the end of January and since Feb 5 i didn’t have that much traffic.
What is going on?
(Egress did not change)


I guess the traffic is from the Tardigrade users with that 1TB free storage and 1Tb free egress

I thought about it but it’s a very very regular traffic pattern

it depend on what sattelite it go, if stefenbenten then it is test trafik from storj, if other then users.

Mainly from asia-east and us-central.
I’m really impressed if this traffic it’s from users.

I don’t know what’s that Dannish ip and the gitbackup seems to hold the most traffic.

*this data is from 02.02-now

Can I ask you where did you get this report?

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I can tell you that the lone Canadian in that data usage log is me.


@Frankie_2905 It’s from the Glasswire

@fmoledina that’s interesting. I’m from Romania and not near to Canada. I guess we have a great connection.

Is that server name a BSG reference?

Yes it is, haha. I have a few bare-metal hosts at home and I pick a name for each one from this site. I’m working through the planets so far. Containers and other services have more accessible common-sense names (i.e. storagenode).

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