Asian satellite 512bytes chunks only

I’ve seen few weeks now the satellite sending only 512 bytes pieces.

The total daily ingress from this satellite is few hundred Mb, but it’s mostly contain a very small pieces.


I wondering if it’s could be a real data, but what is the purpose of it?

What do you think is real data ?

Nope. But what is this for?

My best guess is metadata.

Only metadata, and nothing else from asia? :slight_smile:

My logs contains about 3 days only: (since I rebuilded my containers)

Same here, really bad news for 4K drives

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Good thing there are next to no 4Kn drives at all

Let me be honest with you. I blacklisted the satellite from asia since then. I was fed up to listening my HDD’s are ticking in every 0.5 seconds. Haven’t got soo much data from there anyway.

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What do you mean? Basically all new drives are 4K…

I was talking about 4K native drives and nope, there are near to none of those - most drives these days are 512e drives.

Oh, apologies, I missed the n part. But the emulated or native isn’t really important as long as the drive is 4K on the hardware level, since it is getting the benefit of lower overhead. You can use it as a 4k sector drive or reformat it to 4Kn and again use it as 4k sector drive… Best to reformat to avoid any possible headaches.

This is not a matter of “formatting”. There are certain Seagate drives that allow you to re-flash the controller and thereby switch the operating mode. Unless your drive supports such a technique, you are stuck with the state the drive was delivered in :slight_smile:

Well I can’t speak for all the manufacturers, but in my experience, they were changed by using a “format” command. I suppose they do simply “switch” internally from outputting 512 bytes to 4k without a low level reformat, like you say.
I guess the reason for factory 512e mode drives is that there is at least one software that would be incompatible with these sectors and there would be more than 0 irate customers “blaming” the drive manufacturer, as is the case usually. Probably why everyone stocks the 512e variants - safer for them.

This satellite is really weird. I am seeing sizes 512, 768 and 1536. Only put repairs have “normal” sizes like you would expect from uploads through different users/customer usage.