Asking for help - Only "1" ca cert count and only "2" identity cert count

I am setting my node and I’m in the phase of setting up the identity. I got only “1” ca cert count and only “2” identity cert count. It was indicated on the docs, in this link → Identity - Node Operator (, that I must obtain count of “2” and “3” so I didn’t continue setting up and I already seek help because I received a different count result. What should I do to continue?

Hi @first,
If you’re following the node instructions then it says on the page: (Identity - Node Operator)

“If your numbers are different, then authorizing the identity was not successful. Please try again.”


Thanks stob! I should try it again! :slight_smile:


In relation to my topic yesterday, Asking for help - Only “1” ca cert count and only “2” identity cert count - Node Operators / troubleshooting - Storj Community Forum (official), I got an advice of trying again, so I did. But I still got different numbers, still “1” ca cert count and “2” identity cert count after trying a couple of times. Please see the picture below and may I ask assistance on how should it be.

You don’t have to create new topic for same issue. You should reply to same topic. @Alexey will merge this topic though.

As it states, your claiming window had expired so request a new token and try again.

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I’m sorry I was not aware, I’ll reply to the same topic from now on.

Oh I see, so that was the command line means. Thanks for explaining this :slight_smile:

How can I get a new token? I used again the same email address to get a new authentication token in this page → Host a Node | Storj but it doesn’t give me a new token, it again gives me my old authentication token. May I ask other ways how to have a new one?

You could use another email.

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Please, install and sync your clocks, then try to sign again.


Thanks @nerdatwork and @Alexey !! I will follow your advice :slight_smile:


After installing the software found at →, my identity was successfully authorized! And I finally got “2” ca.cert count and “3” identity.cert count! Huge thanks I can now proceed in port forwarding! :+1: :+1: :+1: :smiley:

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