Audit checks - High cancel rate

Hi all!
I’ve started my node recently and i don’t know why im having this cancel ratio.
Any idea?

  • Port forward done.
  • Firewall 28967 on machine opened.
  • Working on Windows 2TB disk (1.5 TB at installation config).

Those are currently pretty average. Most of those canceled transfers have actually finished just fine. There is nothing to worry about on your node.

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Your Audits are fine, what you mean is the upload / download / repair cancel rate. This actually means that your node has lost the “race” for a specific piece. That is normal and just means another node got to store this piece instead. Reasons could vary from latency, where your node physically is located, bandwith, connection speed or other variables. As long as your audits are going trough fine (and they are in your case) all is good!

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Thanks for the answer both of you :blush:
Loadmi, thx for that extra information, really usefull =)