Audit failing on my node for us1 servers

Hi all,
I am experiencing some failed audits on my node
Version 1.50
I tried to “grep -E “GET_AUDIT|GET_REPAIR” /media/storagenode/node.log | grep failed” but last failed error is on 2021-11-26. Really do not know what is happening here.

Any hints? script shows US1 only Status: WARNING: Audits failing (SUSP 7.11%)

Thanks all.

If you would share the error message we might be able to tell you what is going on.

I think that error is not related to my audit issue, since it is from 4 months ago.

No errors appearing in the log in these last days.

What can i check?

edit: “cat /media/storagenode/node.log | grep 2022 | grep error” showing no error.

You need to search for ERROR, the grep is case sensitive. And filter only GET_AUDIT and GET_REPAIR, all other will not affect the audits score.

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Thanks for reply.

eikaf@storjnode:~$ cat /media/storagenode/node.log | grep 2022 | grep FAILED
eikaf@storjnode:~$ cat /media/storagenode/node.log | grep 2022 | grep ERROR
eikaf@storjnode:~$ cat /media/storagenode/node.log | grep 2022 | grep failed

Maybe it’s a misreading from script.

No, it’s mention that your have drop in suspension score. There should be some errors. Are you sure that you check the right file?

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