Audit score falls during offline time

One of my nodes (1snxZdvR1vUvSVP6K9sEt6jckmnN2q7C9VWXVaQYs6HNze9Xso) went offline for 4 hours yesterday and when it got back online, the audit score on 2 satellites (118 and 121) dropped from 1.0 to 0.95. That drop doesn’t sound serious but I don’t like losing pieces so I checked the logs.

However there are no audit errors in the logs so I assume this shouldn’t happen?
As far as I understand it, the audit score should only drop if unrecoverable audit errors occur because the node lost the pieces, but the node shouldn’t get audited while it is offline.

Strange thing about this is, that my node wasn’t really offline, the satellite uptime score didn’t fall during the time. It appears that my node was just unresponsive.
The reason is, my external HDD became unavailable, so there is nothing in the logs during those 4 hours and the docker container restarted at some point, resuming the operation.

So I guess I kind of answered my own question, there must have been audits during the time my node was unresponsive/HDD not available and I have no way of knowing what it was doing during that time. The docker container was running but of course no logs were written as they were written to the HDD that wasn’t available at the time.