Audits while building up a node

hi everyone, first timer here.

While installing my first node, I have run into some issues putting it online. It seems that i´m behind a CGNAT estructure, so the conexion can´t reach my router. While i´m solvin this (it requiare actions from ISP) i´m worried that i´m having bad reputacion building up since i´m always offline. I´ve never been online actually. It´s that so? or it start the first time the node go online?


Contact your ISP as quickly as you can, and ask them to assign you a public IP address so that you can be removed from the CGNAT.

A similar thing happened to me with the offline time, and that is that I didn’t incorporate the DDNS:PORT when I did the installation through the Windows GUI, and I spent a day offline, and I think it did count me as offline. I don’t know for sure.

If it’s a recent identity i would suggest to take your time to fix the problem properly together with your ISP and then create a new identity afterwards.

it´s a brand new identity just from 2h ago.
Obviously, i couldn´t anticipate the problem, so, now that i´m here… is there something i can do? should i be preocupated… i am by the way.

i´m working in the cgnat problem, but it´s off my hands just know. It would be fixed by the isp tech guys in a few hours, maybe tomorrow.

So Robertomcat, i figure than once online and working the node, the best thing to do is to dump it and
start other knowing that it´s all ok in the net. Not problem for me, but it seems a waste in the storj side.

Hello @frances,
Welcome to the forum!

You can solve this problem pretty quick with and bring your node online while your ISP is solving the root problem

i´ve learned in the last days about cryptocurrency (OMG, very crazy stuff in this area), ddns, port-forwarding, SNO especificatons, how satellites work and all the intrincated policies of tardigrade nets (awesome name by the way). So, what´s some VPN software to add to all this?, why not, i´m learning a lot XD

seriouslyl, thanks very much, I´ve learned what i wantted to know. That this is going to be a problem. I´ll try this thing, but seems it´s going to be too hard for a thing it´s going to be solved in a few hours of waiting.

Thanks, I would suggest as a contribution to put some procedure to be sure all is working in the node before it´s thrown to the jungle of the net.

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Please, submit your feedback there:

can´t see the topic fitting in there.
thanks anyway