Auto mounting USB volume on Pi4

Hi all, just migrated from PC to PI4 with USB storage. While fumbling with the new setup after I got it running, the USB/Sata connector got loose. (without me knowing).

I got the uptimerobot message, and found out the USB drive was connected, but not mounted anymore. This all happened while the OS was running.

Besided tiewrapping the connector to the HDD, auto-mounting the drive would be really helpfull. How do I do that, assuming it got something to do with the UUID setup:

UUID=<your HD UUID> /mnt/storj ext4 defaults 0 2

Thanks for helping to better foolproof my setup.

This link should help you to set up a static mount on your RPi :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks, but it is already static mounted. But as I understand it now, static mounting does not cover for physical disconnecting and reconnecting of the drive. On a running OS.

Oh, sorry, I thought it did. :flushed:
I will embarrassingly retreat to the back of the room and let one of the clever guys take over!

@ACarneiro This was news for me as well. Now we both know better!
@Alexey thanks. Will look into this today!