Bandwidth and router capacity

Dear community,
I host my storj node behind my Netgear R6220 router, on a 300Mb/300Mb fibber connection.
Behind the same router I have my home office setup over VPN, using Skype for Business for company communication.
I often notice line breaking during calls while it does not happen when connected over e.g. 4G sharing.
I was wondering whether this may come from bandwidth/router processor utilisation being too big for it. I have an average 21= GB/day ingress/1.6GB/day egress (3.5GB/day over last week).
Any idea/suggestion from the community? Thanks upfront!

Is it possible to see cpu and ram utilization over time (I’m assuming you are running the node on the router?). If the issue is bandwidth related, you could use QoS or packet shaping to solve this. If the node is running on the router, you’ll probably want to move it to a dedicated computer.

No, router actually only routes. Node is on a separate laptop connected behind the router. But this amount of data is actually by far bigger than what I have been handling till now hence my question to a potential issue with router CPU power? But maybe it is just Skype for business and/or vpn connection be bad. Knowing I have already set QoS at max for vpn and lowest for node

I cannot say for sure, but I doubt the node is the cause of the problem: mine has a load average of 0.4 (on a RPi 4B… so pretty weak machine) and the network usage is pretty low.

Besides, 21GB/day is just 0.24Mbps on average. Hopefuly your router can handle that speed ^^

thanks for your reply. will check the ports for Skype for Business and put them on highest priority. Rest, I may check with the company.

I know it doesn’t sound as professional as Skype business. But maybe you should get rid of Skype altogether I used to use Skype business myself and it always had some kinda quality issues.
So then I switched to using discord as my number one way to communicate with parters and it seems to never have these kinds of issues.