Bandwidth constantly falling, my limit allows 50x bigger bandwidth


Shouln’t it increase as I have ran my node 2 months now. I have had 0 downtimes…
Automatic updates enabled, version shows v0.25.1.
Currently 0.5TB used from 3TB. it is getting harder to pick up data…

My graph looks very similar…

It mostly depends on testing data sent to the network.

I bet all nodes have a pretty similar data distribution.

Distribution for 8 months, 4 months, 3 months and 1 month old nodes is almost the same.

Ok then.

my looks similar, but my question space, dashboard calculate space very wrong way
I have 13,6 TB and dashboard show that i have 12,94 free space, but disck show i have only 440 GB data. 13,6- 0.44 = 13,16 TB not 12,94

It’s depends on how much you allocated space to the node. The recommended value should be on 10% less than possible, because it’s beta. The storagenode could overuse the allocated space.
So, please, check your allocated space and make sure that it’s not more than 12.2TB

Thanks, I will put some free space.

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