Bandwidth for Storj node

Hello. I have 100/100 Mpbs unlimited Internet connection. I don’t use this connection so whole bandwidth is available for Storj. Should I set bandwidth cap parameter to 32TB or 64TB?

TBH it wouldn’t really make a difference. You will not use nowhere near this much bandwidth anytime soon. If my calculations are right, the maximum of traffic with your connection per month would be ~64TB with your up- and download saturated the whole month.

It will also depend on the amount of storage you have filled.


I have a very fast internet connection, I set my node to limit the bandwidth to 20TB, the node never uses more than 4TB…

You would set it to 64TB as the limit applies to the sum of ingress and egress traffic. This assumes that you do not want to use your connection for anything else at all – no web browsing, no gaming, not even any system or Storj software updates. You are telling the network that you are dedicating 64TB of traffic to only the Storj network per month.

It would probably be better to use 90-95% of this figure (58-61TB) instead.

And, as others have said, the network won’t use that much traffic currently because load is not high enough to sustain that. Also note that ingress and egress traffic load will depend heavily on your node’s storage usage and capacity:

  • There will be a low amount of ingress traffic up-front as your node is vetted. Once your node is vetted, ingress traffic will increase to about 20 times what it was prior (as unvetted nodes are sent about 5% of new uploads they would otherwise be eligible for). Once your free storage drops close to zero, ingress traffic will subside as you don’t have room to store any new data.
  • Egress traffic will be roughly proportional to the amount of used storage on your node. After all, nobody can download data from your node if you don’t have any data. Exactly how much egress traffic you will see depends on who is storing data on your node and how frequently they need to retrieve it, but generally more data stored = more egress traffic.
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You can change your cap dynamically too. Set it at 32TB and if your SN reaches cap, edit the docker run command and set new value. V3 is still progressing so reaching your cap is not yet possible so I would recommend to start small.