Bandwidth utilization comparison thread

Since this is the bandwidth comparison thread, hope this question fits: What is the “normal” amount of traffic one could expect to receive of late?

For starters, I’m getting ~20 GB of ingress a day on a vetted node, with egress fluctuating a fair bit more, although that’s with somewhat overloaded (and hence slow) hard drives, which means that I’m probably leaving a sizeable amount of traffic on the table.

What does yours look like?

I’m aware that bandwidth metrics can vary greatly depending on network and disk conditions. I’m just interested in knowing what others’ numbers look like :smiley:

All over 0 is normal, we cant know when and how client use data.


Hi, I too, with a low end system, am getting roughly 20Gb of input per day.
Roma, Italy



Nobody reporting here anymore? :slight_smile:

Oh, yes.

Ah I was wondering if the valley of the shadows is a widespread occurence. Same here.


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The dip is everywhere